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A. 1) We offer the privilege for buying samples before placing final bulk order. We take 4-5 days of time to deliver the samples anywhere in the world. For detailed information please refer to 'How To Order' page.

A. 2) Samples are provided for free. Only shipping charges are to be borne by the customers - US $ 22.00 or INR 1100.00 for up to 5 samples And US $ 8.00 or INR 400.00 for every sample thereafter.

A. 3) We ship through FedEx or TNT. It takes approx4-5 days to deliver worldwide at your doorsteps.

A. 4) The costs are totally adjustable. The shipping cost of upto 5 samples is US $ 22.00 or INR 1100.00 is 100% adjustable, If you place a bulk order (minimum order of $ 150 excluding shipping) with us.

A. 5) Sample packet contains wedding invitation, matching envelope and inner leaf or inserts (As shown in the complete view of the card on website). These samples are sent without printing in blank form. If required we can send the free printed sample to verify the printing quality& contents. We also offer free samples of RSVP Card, Thank You Card, Place Card, Program Card etc. You need to mention details in the remarks.

A. 6) If the card has been finalized from your end, you can order for just 1 card as sample. However, if you need more than one card and then want to decide for the best among the lot after viewing, you are welcomed to place as many as sample cards you want.


Yes, we can facilitate you with blank cards as per your demands, without printing. You can place the order for the blank cards directly from the website, by not choosing the option for printing. (By not putting a checkmark in the checkbox–printing required), or you can mail us your request at info@weddingcardshoppe.com.


A. 2) Yes, we are liberalized in this manner. You can make choices for any card, irrespective of the event or function. In such scenario, you can mail us the contents with the suitable font and we shall design it for you, as we do not offer wordings for those functions. The contents can be mailed us on  info@weddingcardshoppe.com


A. 2) From the wide range of product you can opt for the card that best suits your need, which can be delivered to you as a sample piece. Final order can be placed post that. Once we receive the order for sample, we shall ship them within one working day. At the same time you can send us the texts to be printed in the word format. We will soon start designing the proofs and shall follow the complete procedure as described here. This enables us to finalize the proof copies, once receive the samples.
After you check the sample, finalize the proofs and payments are cleared, we carry forward the job for printing. We shall ship the cards immediately after they are ready and you will be infirmed regarding the delivery details.
4-5 days : For samples to reach and in the mean time proofs are finalized
2-3 days : For printing (General printing time)
4-5 days : For final cards to reach to you

Normally it should take 10 - 15 days for the complete procedure.

A. 3) We do honour orders placed within the nation & take between 1-3 days to deliver within India.

A. 4) Yes, In such instances please send your order details over email. Shipping to each country will be charged separately. If entire stock is delivered in India you should be saving good amount of shipping charges.

A. 5) Once the order is shipped from our premise, we share an email id with you along with tracking details - i.e. airway bill number & website to track the shipments. You can go the website and keep a track on your shipment.

A. 1) Yes, we do provide complete printing services. We are charge minimum US $35 for 100 cards and then US $17.50 for each multiple of 50. This cost is inclusive of printing custom invitation text on innerleaf or upto two insert(s) and bride - groom name, date of wedding, return address etc. on envelope (but excludes guest details).

A. 2) For proof copies, you are requested to send across the text contents as an attachment through mail to info@weddingcardshoppe.com. We then send across the first proof copy in JPEG image file format. You can view the same & suggest if any alterations or changes required. We resend the proof copy in same format after applying changes suggested by you. Once the proof copy is approved, the copy goes for final printing. Cards are then screen printed in high quality ith a full proof procedure of quality check. 

You can refer to Wedding Wordings for wedding invitation text, Wedding Symbols for wedding symbols and Fonts for Wedding Invitations for Font choices.


If you want to design the card as per your font of your choice, you can always suggest us the name & size of the font. We shall design the card as per your instructions.

A. 3) Script fonts are normally used in wedding invitations. We can also prepare the matter in different fonts, based on your choice & feedback. We can print cards in all languages e.g. English, Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Tamil, Arabic, Spanish, French, Dutch et al.

Click here for Font choices

In case font size of your choice is not available in the given link, you can always tell us the name of the font (or send us the font file as an attachment with e-mail).

A. 4) You can select appropriate text for your card and related symbol from the links specified below:
The wordings choice is available at:


A. 5) Yes we do facilitate printing services for guest names on cards.The services are additionally charged (according to per guest name and his address). You can send us the guest names/list on our e-mail address info@weddingcardshoppe.com

A. 6) Yes, we offer this privilege of printing in 2 or more different languages.For this you have to provide us the text matter on word doc & share the attachment with the required font sizes. We hold expertise of printing in any language. Even one card can printed in two different languages. You can send us the text to us at info@weddingcardshoppe.com

A. 7) Yes this can be done. If different cards are chosen by both or same card with different text, separate masters and proofing has to be done. Hence printing is charged for minimum 100 and then in multiples of 50 for each side.

A. 8) Yes, all the cards printed from our end consists of our website URL on the reverse of the envelope. But the same can be discarded on customer request.

A. 9) Yes die cast can be put on the card of your choice. It is counted as One Printing Area
You can see available die-cast symbols at below link:

A. 10) Yes you can print Initials or logo on the card. Should you wish to send your own logo.It is advisable to send Black and white 300 DPI (or high resolution) PDF or JPEG file.

The Symbol choices are available at:

A. 11) Yes, this can be done for card of any occasion. We in fact promote, using invitations for different occasions other than wedding. The texts & words can correspond to the event.

A. 1) We have a very wide range of cards to offer. Save The Date Card, RSVP Card, Thank You, Mehandi, Garba, Cocktail, Table/ Place Cards, et al; all are displayed in our portal for purchase. Please e-mail us atinfo@weddingcardshoppe.com  to enquire about pricing of these cards. If required we can send you free samples of RSVP Card, Thank You Card, Place Card, Program Card et al. Please update in the special remarks as per your requirement.

A. 2) You can always add extra inserts to your card if the text for wedding is more. The charges for extra inserts and their printing will be additional. You can e-mail regarding the requirement for extra inserts in the special remarks section while making order or simply e-mail us at info@weddingcardshoppe.com

A. 3) Yes, we use our technical expertise to ensure that the add-on matches the main invitation both in terms of paper and design. This unique service is our forte as aswe have our own designed & papers are always readily available in stock. We are delighted to make various changes as per customer need.

The final digital proofs shown to the customers are exactly the replica of the final output. In case of any doubts, customers can anytime get in touch with our proofing department.

A. 4) Yes, you can purchase extra envelopes, for your cards. We do provide plastic covers / sleeves for the envelopes, to keep the envelopes safe. There will be additional charges for the plastic covers as they are not complimentary part of the original card.